Life will get away from you if you let, Take control daily, so your life will be in order set boundaries , set goals. Get what’s needed done,dont blow your hard earned money on non sense. It just makes things harder. Control your attitude around others. There’s no need for the frustration. Take control of […]

Hit the Restart button

Everyday we wake up in a chance to restart your life,to do things differently. Encourage yourself every morning that today will be wonderful day. Don’t let no one take your joy,just walk away. Whatever happened the day before,its the past now,restart your life for you and only you,and things around you would change also. You […]

Kanye West

I love the way kanye west thinks. He’s very outspoken, speaks exactly whats on his mind,and don’t care what no one else thinks. Its crazy how other people are judging him And talking about him on national TV, and Even his on race. Kanye West is what I like call free minded I wish all […]

Free your mind of negativity

Believe in yourself , stop the negative thinking, put yourself around positive people, positive role models. Try new things, try new rolls, Don’t let fear set in, if you want to do it do it. Fear is like a virus,it will corrupt your mind, keep you from achieving your dreams. Negative people are the same […]

free minds

Hi im James I wrote this blog because I want people To understand what I mean by free minds. I once was trapped in my on head scared to Do things, I cared about what other people Thought of me,I didn’t speak up for my self, And I felt lonely in this big world. What […]